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Personalizing Your Ceremony: Floral Flourishes

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2005

Flowers for the bride and her wedding party are always carefully chosen, but selecting ones for the meanings they convey is a simple and lovely way to personalize your ceremony. You might use blooms based on the definitions given to them by the Victorians. For example, tulips represent passion, lilies stand for beauty and purity, stephanotis signifies happiness, and red roses, of course, mean "I love you." Explain the significance to guests in your wedding program, or keep it secret; it's sweet to have one or two personal touches only you know.

The kind of flowers you received on your first date or blooms grown in a well-loved garden would be charming in a bridal bouquet. Or consider having ushers give a flower to each guest at the end of the aisles, which the bride can then gather as she walks toward the altar, forming her bouquet as she goes.

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