Wedding Space with Antony and Darcy

 For her wedding at New York City’s Four Seasons restaurant, editor Darcy Miller turned to renowned event designer Antony Todd, who helped her translate a basic vision into a truly exquisite affair. As an event designer with expertise in floral arrangements, Todd is responsible not only for the overall look of weddings or events, but also for the greater atmosphere and mood.

Todd can usually get a sense of the bride and the kind of wedding she desires within three to four meetings, although Darcy admits to having had a “few” more. The time spent, she says, was well worth it, since every detail of her wedding was tended to with care, from the silver to the glasses to the slipcovers for the chairs.

Darcy Miller

Weddings editor

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Event design and florist

Antony Todd Inc.

New York, NY



Darcy’s Makeup

Laura Geller Makeup Studios

1044 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY 10021




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