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In Love with Color

Martha Stewart Weddings, 2008

There is no better mood enhancer than color therapy. Tired of darkness that falls too early? Get yourself some brazenly pink tulips. Sick of slush? Slip on a pair of Crayola-yellow wellies. Color is the perfect antidote to the winter doldrums. It is joy. It is laughter. It is beauty.

These days, with so many gorgeous wedding-related goods available to you in colors that span the spectrum, it's easier than ever to pull together a celebration that positively glows. The hardest part? Deciding on your palette.

Below are ideas to brighten up your nuptials (who says pastels have to monopolize your big-day style?).

-- Pick a hue, any hue, and chances are high that there's a favor box in that shade (and in the shape you wish!).

-- If you can't find a bloom in the exact color you want, fake it with faux flowers.

-- Invitations that pop with color are very of-the-moment for more casual celebrations.

-- When else will you be able to use ribbon with such abandon? Take full advantage and go with the flow.

-- For a subtle way to inject color into your wedding, look for stamps that match your palette or custom-print using colored ink or paper.

-- Color and candy are practically synonymous -- and for good reason: They suit each other.

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