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Your First Dance: How We Chose Our Song

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2002

"Just the Two of Us"
as recorded by Bill Withers
Jill Cohen and Mike Cohen
June 2, 2002
"We liked the beat of this song, and the words are very romantic. We had practiced to some other music, but decided those songs were too slow," says Jill.

"The Look of Love"
as recorded by Sergio Mendes
Dina Lew and Edward Lee
October 27, 2001
"Jazz artist Sergio Mendes performed the song at a concert when I was young," says Dina. "It made an impression. I suggested it; and Edward liked it too."

"Nothing Even Matters"
as recorded by Lauryn Hill
Kelly Smith and Keith Killian
June 4, 2000
"When we were dating, I was working late one night and feeling stressed out. Keith played the song for me over the phone. It was so wonderful," says Kelly.

"Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"
as recorded by Frankie Valli
Jane Keenan and Keith Carroll
September 15, 2001
"Keith chose it -- it's such a sweet song. We wanted to start with an upbeat number that has a good rhythm for dancing," says Jane.

"At Last"
as recorded by Etta James
Maya Garbassi and Chris McKibbin
April 20, 2002
"I was particularly fond of that song," says Maya. "We took lessons to be able to dance to it. A live band played it at the wedding, so we still had to improvise."

"The Chapel of Love"
as recorded by the Dixie Cups
Samantha Kleier and JP Forbes
May 23, 2002
"Whenever I heard that song, I thought, 'That's what it means to be getting married!'" says Samantha. "It was the happiest way to start the night."

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