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Working with a Florist: Understanding the Proposal

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2004

By now you will have whittled down your list of florists to one or two and asked them to write a proposal based on the items you've discussed. All bouquets and decorations should be itemized by price so you can determine which pieces to eliminate or add if the cost comes in over or under your budget. The proposal should also include starting and ending times for the wedding, plus additional fees such as sales tax, delivery, installation, and breakdown of displays and accessories afterward; depending on what part of the country you're getting married in, these additional fees can add as much as 25 percent to your total bill.

Once you've reviewed the proposals, accepted or revised the terms, and told your florist he has the job, you will usually have a second appointment to finalize details. Most florists will make up a sample bouquet for this meeting for little or no charge. Now is the time to ask remaining questions or express lingering concerns.

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