Save the Date Cards

Martha Stewart Living Television

Wedding invitations are usually sent so far in advance, it's easy for the date to become obscured in the minds of the guests. One way to give them a fail-proof reminder is to send save-the-date cards. The cards can be as simple as a postcard of the location where the wedding will be held, with all the pertinent information on the back, or more elaborate, such as photo-booth cards, cards with removable stickers, small calendars, or, if you're hosting a destination wedding, a card with a map.

For the photo-booth cards, slip into the booth, emerge with the pictures, and take them to a copy shop, where they can be reproduced on card stock. Fold and cut the card stock into a narrow card containing the information your guest needs. Small calendars are available at stationers. Remove the months prior to your wedding month, circle the date in red, and use a punch and some twine to affix it to a precut, custom-stamped card. For removable sticker cards, buy sheets of adhesive paper, print the stickers on a computer, cut to size, and attach them to your save-the-date cards using store-bought adhesive dots.

To create the map postcard, visit a website specializing in maps, such as GeographyIQ, and print it out. Using self-adhesive postcards, follow the directions, and affix your map to one of the cards. Trim off any excess, and write the information directly on the card or on a label, which can be placed onto the back.



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