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Wedding Boutonnieres

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A bride will spend hours selecting flowers for her bouquet, but the boutonniere tends to become a throwaway accessory for the groom. But it doesn't have to -- there are many creative ways to celebrate this small touch.

To make fabric leaf boutonnieres (such as wheat, miniature acorns, and fabric leaves), select fabric, and cut half-leaf shape. Flip fabric, and lay cutout shape to make second half-leaf. Sew leaves together, then open leaf and iron flat. Wrap with floral tape and add fresh sprigs.

Traditional flowers can be enhanced with unique embellishments. Try to draw inspiration by the nature of the season. These boutonnieres can include stephanotis with a crystal center, carnation with decorative ribbon, evergreen with berries, and pinecone flowers.

Favorite boutonnieres for spring include crepe paper with paper fern, a forget-me-not wreath, and traditional flowers with personalized ribbon.

For the summer, try using for your boutonnieres seashells, silk Lilly of the Valley with a real fern, daisies, and beads. Summer is the time to have fun, especially with creative ideas.

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