Working with a Florist: What the Experts Say

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2006

The Experts
Michael George, Michael George Flowers, New York City
"Be different. Use tables with interesting surfaces, such as Plexiglas or green marble, and do away with tablecloths. Or vary the centerpieces on the tables: Half might have classic, domed centerpieces; the others could have rectangular vases of varying heights that use the same colors of flowers as the other tables."

Mark Held, Mark's Garden, Los Angeles
"Spend some time talking to your florist about what excites you. Get him excited too -- then he will give you his utmost. What do you love best about the ceremony and reception venues? Is it the aisle? Then do something spectacular with it."

Lewis Miller, LMD Floral Events Interiors, New York City
"I like incorporating unexpected plant materials, such as brown eucalyptus berries, begonia leaves, seed pods, or a bit of passion vine into an arrangement. Like a great clothing detail, they add a chic element without being overpowering."

Meredith Waga Perez, Belle Fleur, New York City
"There's no rule that says the flowers have to be designed the same way for the ceremony and the reception. The ceremony could be held in a beautiful church, very serene and understated with pale floral tones, while the reception might be in a loft space -- sexy, modern, and smart, with brightly colored flowers."

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